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Employer Group Contacts



Employer Group Contacts

Service Area Contact Map


New Business

If you are not currently an MVP customer, but are interested in learning more about MVP solutions, please use these contacts:


New York - Central Region
Michele Luke
Phone: 315-765-5113,
Email: mluke@mvphealthcare.com


New York - West Region
Joe Wild
Phone: 585-327-2260
Email: jwild@mvphealthcare.com

New York – East Region
Everett Patterson
Phone: 845-897-6077
Email: epatterson@mvphealthcare.com
Vermont and New Hampshire
Peter Whitehouse
Phone: 603-629-1928
Email: pwhitehouse@mvphealthcare.com


Existing Business

If you represent an employer group that is a current customer of MVP, please use the appropriate contact below:


Small Group Business
Barbara Leonard
Phone: 518-386-7866
Email: BLeonard@mvphealthcare.com


Vermont and New Hampshire
Mary Grannan
Phone: 603-629-1942
Email: mgrannan@mvphealthcare.com


New York – West Region and Central Region
Nancy Arena
Phone: 585-327-2318
Email: narena@mvphealthcare.com




New York – East Region

Matthew Walkuski

Phone: 518-386-7860

Email: mwalkuski@mvphealthcare.com